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          The first evening classes started in 1882, on a small scale at first, but soon expanded into a wide programme of scientific, technical and commercial courses for clerks, apprentices and others. These classes were organised after full consultation with the Mechanics’ Institution and in 1884 the entire educational programme of the Institution was transferred to Robert Gordon's College. Classes were organised in three groups: Science, Technology and General & Commercial and were, wherever possible, taught by the staff of the College. Where necessary, specialist teachers were drafted in. 该 total number of evening class students reached 1,254, taught by 37 teachers. Gray’s School of Art was opened in 1885 under the aegis of the Robert Gordon's College Governors. Later, a School of Pharmacy was established as part of Robert Gordon's College. In 1903, the Aberdeen School Board reached an agreement with our 走vernors that responsibility for all Continuation Classes in 阿伯丁 would be shared between them and 澳门新葡新京 was granted the status of 'Central Institution for specialised instruction'.

          该 世界博览会 1900年,又被称为1900年的巴黎博览会,在巴黎举行世界博览会,从4月14日至11月12日1900年。其目的是为了庆祝上个世纪的成果,加快发展进入下一个。那是在论述本普遍的风格是艺术风格的。近50万人访问了现在几乎普遍已知的,其对显示多台机器,发明创造公平,和架构,包括 肉鹅大巴黎 摩天轮,俄语嵌套娃娃,柴油机,聊天膜,自动扶梯,并且telegraphone(第一磁性录音机)。


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