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          RGC’s Model United Nations team represented Robert 走rdon’s as the only Scottish school at the London Oratory School’s annual MUN conference. With over 20 schools from across England and Wales represented, RGC perhaps felt they had something to prove– and prove it they definitely did! Committee sessions allowed us to claim prizes as Best Delegates for Tom C and Matthew W, as well highly commended for Taha A, and commended for Kirsten F. General assembly allowed the opportunity to successfully and passionately discuss solutions to the crisis point reached in Hong Kong. The team also enjoyed a tour of the Houses of Parliament by House of Lords peer, The Lord Stephen. The chance to admire the building’s rich history & beautiful architecture alongside an insider commentary on its inner workings (plus a sneaky look at the not-in-the-guidebook areas) was an unforgettable one, and one for which they’re very grateful. Overall, this weekend allowed us to broaden our horizons, participate in a major conference, and forge new connections with delegates from across the UK.

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